The Addiction programme helps support and facilitate research into psychoactive substance use and addiction, and is financed by the Fund to Combat Addiction. This is in keeping with the National Plan for Mobilisation against Addictions and governmental priorities in fighting tobacco.

The Fund to Combat Addiction to Psychoactive Substances, which comes after the National Tobacco Control Fund, was established by the Social Security Funding Law of 28 December 2018. It is used to initiate, maintain and strengthen measures and programmes dedicated to fighting psychoactive substance use and addiction.

Our work, in collaboration with our members and more particularly the National Cancer Institute (INCa), falls within Key area 4 of the fund: ‘Support applied research and the evaluation of prevention and management actions.’



Supporting research


We support research into addiction through a funding mechanism composed of:

  • Calls for research proposals
  • Calls for applications for PhD grants
  • Calls for support actions


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The purposes of these calls for proposals are to support research and produce knowledge in the field of psychoactive substance use and the fight against addiction. These primarily concern tobacco, alcohol and cannabis, followed by other psychoactive substances and polysubstance use. These calls cover all aspects of research as well as a broad range of disciplines.



Facilitating the research community


We also help facilitate the field of addiction research by holding seminars and meetings on specific themes. The purposes of these events are to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge – particularly from the research funded through our calls for proposals, generate new research questions, and create spaces where researchers, and other stakeholders, can meet and interact.



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