Services, interventions and policies promoting health programme


This programme helps support and facilitate research into health promotion, prevention measures and health services. It is based on several mechanisms of action and is funded by our members.
This programme contributes to the funding of research projects, to the facilitation and structuring of the research community, and to the dissemination of the findings produced.

The definition used for this field is as follows:
Research into health services, interventions and policies studies their ability to meet health system objectives by analysing the impact on health, efficiency, conditions of access and associated characteristics, as well as their ability to consider the preferences of individuals and respect their dignity, with particular attention to the differences in distribution of these aspects within the population (social inequalities).
As a reminder, the objectives of the health system are to improve the health of the population served, ensure the equity of the financial contribution in relation to the people’s financial capacity, and to ensure the responsiveness of the system with particular attention to the distribution of the financing burden (WHO, The World Health Report 2000).



Supporting research


Through an annual call for proposals, we support research into services, interventions and policies that promote health. These calls have a firm focus on informing public policies and decision-making based on scientific evidence. Interventional research occupies an important place in the research approaches we support because it permits the transferability of interventions in context on the basis of conclusive data. The research projects submitted to us in this field are encouraged to be multidisciplinary and most particularly interdisciplinary.


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Facilitating the research community


We also help facilitate the field of research into services, interventions and policies promoting health through scientific events for the research community and other interested players. We also facilitate and participate in working groups and help prepare a European research funding partnership centred around transforming the health system.

These events can take various forms, such as discussion seminars or meetings on specific themes aimed at disseminating knowledge, encouraging the emergence of new research questions, and creating spaces where researchers and research project stakeholders and civil society can meet and interact.




Other actions

As part of the construction of the Transforming health and care systems European partnership set out in the Horizon Europe framework programme strategic plan, we have joined forces with the Clinical Epidemiology and Economic Evaluation Applied to Vulnerable Populations [ECEVE] team from Joint Research Unit 1123 to identify research priorities for the area of health services, interventions and policies for the coming five years. A modified Delphi study was used for the consultation of experts, including the various stakeholders: researchers in the area of health services, interventions and policies; people in positions of responsibility in an institution involved in organising and funding the health system; providers of healthcare and services or their representatives (unions, professional bodies, etc.); representatives of civil society.
This Master’s year 2 thesis, written by Emma Caubel, supervised by Karine Chevreul, and supported by IReSP, presents this consultation and its results.