The ‘Autonomy: elderly people and people with disabilities’ programme helps support and facilitate humanities and social sciences and public health research into the autonomy of elderly and disabled people.

Conducted together with the National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy (CNSA), this programme has been developing activities to fund research and facilitate the research community since 2011.



Supporting research


Since 2011, we have launched several annual calls for proposals as part of this programme. These include a general call for proposals on the theme of autonomy, as well as calls implemented to support a specific research theme on an occasional or permanent basis.


Calls for proposals for 2022

In 2022, we will publish four calls for proposals as part of the Autonomy programme:

  • One general call for proposals on the theme of autonomy
  • One call for proposals on Autism and the humanities and social sciences
  • One call for proposals on Establishments, services and transformation of the medical-social provision (ESTOMS)
  • One call for proposals on Support for the structuring of mixed research communities (SCMR)


Consult our Autonomy 2022 programme calls for proposals


Review of the calls for proposals (in French only)

In 2020, IReSP and the CNSA reviewed the calls for proposals of the Autonomy programme (called the ‘Disability and loss of autonomy’ programme until 2019) held between 2011 and 2019 and funded by the CNSA and the Directorate for Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES).

This review is intended for all research players in the field of autonomy. Its objective is to characterise and assist the development of actions to structure and support research in this field through the study of projects submitted and funded through the calls for proposals.


Read the review of the ‘Disability and loss of autonomy’ programme (2011-2019) (in French)

Read the summaries of the projects funded between 2017 and 2020 on the medical-social provision and its transformation(in French)

Read about the research funded by the ‘Autism’ calls for proposals (2014-2017)(in French)


Supporting participatory research

The aim of the IReSP and CNSA joint research support activities in autonomy is to promote participatory research culture and practices. Since 2020, the application forms for the calls for proposals give projects the option to formally adopt a participatory approach. This means they can get more appropriate support in the form of increased funding over a longer period of time, which is consistent with the participatory aspects of the research.



Facilitating the research community


We also help facilitate the field of research into autonomy through scientific events aimed at the research community and general public. These can take various forms, such as seminars for discussion and presentation of the findings of funded research or meetings on specific themes. The aims are to disseminate the knowledge produced through the Autonomy programme calls for proposals, encourage the emergence of new research questions, and create spaces where researchers and the various players in the field can meet and interact.