Our governance




Executive Committee

Each of our members has one representative on the Executive Committee, which deliberates on all questions relating to the life and activities of our institute.




The Director is responsible for implementing the decisions of the Executive Committee and for using the resources made available to our institute. Rémy Slama is the current Director, and was appointed in May 2020.



Scientific Orientation Committee

The Scientific Orientation Committee (SOC) is composed of qualified personalities, who may also be from the international community, renowned for their scientific expertise in public health and their ability to interact with public decision-makers and the various stakeholders in the field.

The SOC is an advisory body that ensures the relevance and scientific quality of our activities.

It provides scientific insight to our governance and members, and issues opinions and recommendations on the scientific programmes of our members and the annual activity programmes of the IReSP GIS. It can also draw on the scientific and financial report produced by the GIS.



Our governance is presented in detail in the GIS agreement, which can be consulted here.